Revelation Book: Preview

Hey everyone,

I just finished my first read through the Revelation Study/Commentary. I am humbled and very happy with it. Teleios Academy has a wonderful team of editors. As of now, it is in its final edits and should be out in October. I can’t wait for all of you to read it.

Here is what Dennis Johnson has to say about it:

“Wes Van Fleet’s Worthy Is the Lamb! blends sound, insightful biblical interpretation with pastoral passion and wisdom. Pastor Van Fleet shows us how to take to heart God’s message in the book of Revelation by listening for echoes of the Old Testament, by grasping unseen realities that the visions’ symbolism unveil, and by adoring Jesus the Lamb, who through his blood defeated the devil and through his resurrection now reigns on high, sovereignly controlling history toward his final victory and our full joy. In this intensive study, we see God’s true purpose for this climactic book of the Bible: not to confuse us with puzzles nor to terrify us with doomsday scenarios, but to probe Christians’ consciences, to fortify Christians’ courage, and to sustain Christians’ hope for the return of our King and the new heaven and earth he will bring.”

Dennis E. Johnson

Professor Emeritus of Practical Theology

Westminster Seminary California

Author, Triumph of the Lamb: A Commentary on Revelation

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  1. Awesome! Great review – can’t wait for it, will be great to be able to study Revelation this year having your book along side when we go through it in KBR later this year 👍🙏📖

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