Best Revelation Commentary

Today I finished Revelation 19 in my inductive study and commentary on Revelation. It’s hard to believe there are only 3 more chapters to work through and write on. One of the greatest joys, apart from the blessing of reading Revelation over and over (1:3), has been getting to know some of the best commentaries on Revelation.  I had quite a few from studying this book over the last 7-8 years, but a few have come out over the last couple of years and were a joy to work through. Yet, what I believed to be the best commentary going into this joyful labor has proved to be exactly that over and over through this process. I will do another post in a couple months with a detailed list of commentaries on Revelation, but for now I wanted to give credit to G.K. Beale’s Revelation commentary in the New International Greek Testament Commentary. It is by no means short, but it is decades worth of work compiled for God’s people to enjoy and study. Above is a picture of Beale and me earlier this year. I was so glad to share with him the great impact his works have had on me. The commentary itself is a bit pricey, but the hours you will put in and the joy you will gain is far superior to the price. I hope you purchase a copy and enjoy!

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